Elfin Photo Editor

Elfin Photo Editor 1.18

Get the most from your photos


  • Bunches of effects
  • Good editing options
  • Batch tools


  • Sometimes hard to undo effects
  • Nothing really cool or different


Elfin Photo Editor is an all-in-one photo app photo app that lets you edit and decorate your photos.


Although not a mind-blower, the Elfin Photo Editor interface is clear and easy to use. You can add a photo via the File menu, though unfortunately, there's no drag and drop. The photo you have loaded will appear in the app's main interface. The main effects available to you are displayed on the right, and don't forget that there are three tabs full for you to try out. If you try an effect you don't like, use the green back arrow to restore your original.


Lots of apps that specialize in decorative effects aren't so hot on basic editing, but Elfin Photo Editor makes a good effort. It offers all the basics - crop, resize, rotate, flip - and even some advanced options, like auto-adjust and a recovery tool that lets you undo some parts of a photo without effecting others. Elfin Photo Editor also has a batch tool that will allow you to batch convert, edit and resize your images.


Elfin Photo Editor offers lots of effects, and it's really a matter of playing around until you find one you like. Each tab has about 10 variations, while there are a series of auto-effects to the right of Elfin Photo Editor's toolbar that will allow you to make even more. These include adding frames, text and different types of light to your photos.

Looking to funk up your photos? Try Elfin Photo Editor for frames, effects and more.

Elfin Photo Editor


Elfin Photo Editor 1.18

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