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Glenlay Gallery 2.4

Create photo album in three simple steps


  • Easy, fast way to get your photos online


  • No customization options
  • Boring templates

Not bad

Now that you're back from summer holidays, it's time to share all the pictures you took with your friends and family. But before punishing them with an endless slideshow after lunch, why don't you create a web album?

You don't need any HTML or programming knowledge: Glenlay Gallery does the job for you. Simply select the pictures you want to add, choose a template and upload everything to your FTP space with the program's built-in client. The only drawback is that the program only allows selecting entire folders.

Glenlay Gallery is perfect for novice users thanks to its ease of use. It enables you to have a ready-to-visit web album in just a few minutes.However, I found the included templates a bit dull and I also missed having some more customization options.

Internet providers give away free web space with the Internet connection subscriptions. Glenlay Gallery allows you to use this free space to create an exciting photo album from your digital photos! Extremely easy to use and no HTML knowledge required whatsoever.

Glenlay Gallery gives you 12 layout templates and 10 color and background image schemes which you can mix and match in any way. You instantly see the preview of your album inside the embedded Internet Explorer browser window or in any stand-alone Web browser

Album templates are included, from the simplest one-photo-per-page to the sophisticated Windows-like Explorer, with the whole folder hierarchy and breadcrumb trails navigation.

Glenlay Gallery


Glenlay Gallery 2.4

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