Memeo Share

Memeo Share 2.0

Easily share photos and videos with friends


  • Easy to configure and get going
  • Very well designed interface
  • Lets you select who has access to your pictures


  • Requires Memeo Share account
  • People you share photos with also need to install the program

Very good

Memeo Share is a simple utility that allows you to share photos and videos online with family and friends – especially if they're a bit tech-challenged.

It's easy to setup and get going even if you're not familiar with online sharing. You can create different sharing groups for different types of content, which comes in handy to share certain stuff only with your family or with a special group of friends. Memeo Share manages all the pictures and videos you upload, resizes them and makes them available in an easy-to-use online gallery.

Once your "circle" or gallery is online, you can then decide who's allowed to access it. You can give writing permissions to certain people, so that they can upload their own content as well. Invitations are conveniently sent out by email from within the program, but unfortunately those invited will have to install Memeo Share too if they want to access your gallery - which is a bit of a pain.

Memeo Share is great to share photos and videos online without hassle. It's easy enough for everyone and enables you to keep your stuff private and accessible only to people you select.

Memeo Share


Memeo Share 2.0

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